Wedding Bands for Men

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Mens Bands

They don’t get as much attention as they should–from plain to exotic, men’s wedding bands deserve a second look.

If you know anyone getting married, you’ve no doubt seen pictures of sparkly engagement rings on social media. But you don’t see much attention paid to men’s wedding bands, and they’re often an afterthought even to the couple.

You put a lot of effort into finding the right engagement ring. Now put some time into shopping for and choosing your wedding band. There are more options than ever for men. You’ll likely be wearing your ring a lot, so don’t make it an afterthought.

Start with the basics

You can go plain or fancy, subdued or add a little flash. To start, get acquainted with the traditional metals for wedding bands. Yellow gold in 18K, 14K or 10K is a classic choice, and never looks dated. If you prefer white, look at white gold, platinum or palladium. Also consider rose gold, which is always unique and romantic. You may choose to match your band to your partner’s, but there’s no rule that says you must. …read more at

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