The meaning of Gemstone colours

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The world of Gemstones is an exciting place, as each polished rock unleashes vibrant colours of meaning to its wearer. So what do these stunning colourful stones mean? Is it just a colour that looks nice for a certain item of clothing? We took a closer look at each stone to give you an idea of what they mean to people the world over.



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RED Gemstones


The red gemstone is one of the rarest colours available. They have a beautiful fiery eye catching quality and look stunning when worn on special occasions. Red symbolises confidence, courage, action and vitality. In China, red is the colour of joy and prosperity.

Gemstones Include: Andesine, Garnet, Ruby, Spinel, Tourmaline and Zicron.

PINK Gemstones

The pink gemstone is one of the most favourable amongst the many colours to choose from. With the colour pink symbolising love and beauty, it brings a caring and self-worth feeling to its wearer.

Gemstones Include: Kunzite, Morganite, Rose Quartz, Rhodolite Garnet, Spinel and Tourmaline.

BLUE Gemstones



The stunning blue gemstones have a fresh watery feel, reminding us of the sea or our beautiful clear blue sky’s. Blue Symbolises truth, peace and youth. As blue has such a calming feeling the wearer can feel open to communication and give off helpful vibrations.

Gemstones Include: Aquamarine, Apatite, Agate, Sapphire, Tanzanite, Topaz, Zircon, Spinel, Lapis Lazuli, Tourmaline, Paraiba Tourmaline, Rainbow moonstone, Iolite, Kyanite, Fluorite. …read more at

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