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By Laura Brooks |

Something Original, is exactly what it says on the label! Creating and selling bespoke, somewhat unusual pieces of jewellery, appealing very much to those who endeavour to be unique, original and generally love life and the beauty of things that portray it. This jewellery designer gives rise to new and inspired creations, each holding a certain beauty of its own – almost as though it tells a story.

The company was established by owner Jeremy Berruel in November 2014, making huge progress with the help of his loving wife, family and friends. They all offered plenty of feedback where and when needed. Jeremy is inspired by his love for sculpting together with his previous experience in visual effects and design for film companies. During his spare time he began designing and making jewellery that he soon realised, after receiving much interest from the people he knew, that with enough determination he could create inspiring jewellery that people would wish to own. Soon after, Something Orginal was born.

Jeremy is motivated by the challenge to produce something that people will like and ultimately enjoy enough to want to purchase them. There is something magical and highly self-fulfilling about producing a product that a total stranger will fall in love with for their own unique reasons, and also there is a huge sense of achievement in that knowledge.

Something Original has a range of interesting and unusual pieces to choose from, all of which are eye-catching and wonderous. …read more at




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