Robinson Pelham’s predictions for 2015

Cocktail ring

The Female Self-Gifter: This customer trend focuses on the way women are becoming increasingly likely to buy fine jewellery for themselves. According to Robinson Pelham, earrings, cocktail rings, earcuffs and pinna (upper ear) hoops are popular choices, with most women steering clear of engagement or eternity ring styles, still viewed as ‘significant gift’ territory.

Identity bracelet

The International Shopper: Buying British is a big draw for international customers, especially for the Japanese and Americans who like to know where and how a piece was made. Robinson Pelham admits that many customers appear surprised when reminded that there is no significant resource of British gold available, and that coloured gemstones, especially pink sapphires, are not native to the United Kingdom. (Pictured: Identity bracelet)

Circus bracelet

The Recycler: Customers continue to want resetting and alteration services, which is only set to increase as more and more shoppers buy investment, heirloom pieces. (Pictured: Circus bracelet)

Fern earrings

Fine Jewellery Trend One: Statement earrings: Robinson Pelham points to its oversized Circus hoop earrings, featuring small pink sapphires and diamonds, and its Fern leaf earrings with ‘shoulder grazing’ diamonds as key examples. (Pictured: 18ct white gold Fern earrings)

Orb hoops

Fine Jewellery Trend Two: Hoop earrings: Its Orb hoop earrings set with rainbow coloured gemstones can be work from the lobe to the upper ear to create a graduated effect. Smaller hoops are also outlined as a key trend for 2015. (Pictured: Orb hoop earrings)

Luna pendant

Fine Jewellery Trends Three: Unusual Colours: Robinson Pelham points at soft, milky blues, tanzanites and electric blue tourmalines as key colours to watch. Pink spinels, magenta hues and blush pink rose quartz surrounded by yellow gold are also expected to be popular. (Pictured: Luna pendant)

Circus hoop

Fine Jewellery Trends Four: Rainbow Mix: Mixing colours is expected to keep on excelling in the New Year, with Robinson Pelham showcasing the trend in its Orb, Bell and Identity collections. (Pictured: Circus hoop earring)


Fine Jewellery Trends Five: Cabochon: With customers looking for colour and size that pack a punch, cabochons are no longer being overlooked. (Pictured: Opal Bell ring)

Brique necklace

The Bonus Boy and Girl: The City is back in a big way according to Robinson Pelham, which has noticed a strong influx in the number of bankers and traders coming through its doors. (Pictured: Brique cabochon pendant)

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