Perfect imperfection with baroque pearls at the Couture Show Las Vegas

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By Rachel Garrahan |

Marilyn Monroe once said “imperfection is beauty” and the baroque pearl, in all its perfect imperfection, was everywhere at the Couture Show Las Vegas. With its organic, one-of-a-kind appeal, designers of this fine jewelry piece let their imaginations run riot.

The term baroque describes any pearl with an irregular, non-spherical form – the most valuable being Tahitian or South Sea pearls, which have long been highly prized for their natural, irregular look.

Ornella Iannuzzi, who recently won two awards for The Uprising baroque pearl ring and has been chosen as our Designer of the Moment,returns to this organic element in her Precious Trinity from the Depth of Nature necklace. Mixing modern sculpture with her love of natural form and color, Ornella named the piece for its combined components: “It’s made of gold, pearls and diamonds, which are the three most precious materials on Earth: diamond being the most precious stone; gold the most precious metal; and pearl the most precious organic element.” …read more at





Gold crownwork link bracelet with interchangeable baroque pearl bales from Ray Griffiths jewelry.




Lucifer Vir Honestus rose gold Fascia ring with a baroque Tahitian pearl.





Yossi Harari pearl necklace with a gold and champagne diamond spiral.



YOKO London freshwater baroque pearl earrings in rose gold, set with 15-16mm baroque pearls and diamonds. 



Pamela Huizenga jewelry baroque pearl bracelet in gold and red leather.



Monkey pearl pendant in black rhodium gold with a baroque pearl, brown diamonds, rubies and tsavorites from Lydia Courteille jewelry. …see more at

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