Diamonds for Your Anniversary

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There’s really no bad time to give diamond jewelry as a gift, but you’ll make her year with an anniversary gift of diamonds.

Your anniversary’s coming up, and you’re thinking diamonds. That’s a great idea! If it is your 10th or 60th wedding anniversary, even better as both are traditionally given during these milestone anniversaries. There are so many styles of diamond jewelry, at so many price points, that you’ll have no problem finding something. But because of that bounty, making the perfect choice might take a little digging. You can streamline your searching by considering a few factors to make your choices clearer.

Her jewelry style

You might not even notice what jewelry your wife wears on a daily basis, but you should start.

* She may choose simple, minimalist pieces for most days and nights.
* She might keep it simple during the day, but like to shine with more elaborate styles for a night out.
* She also may wear jewelry whenever and wherever she can.
* If you have absolutely no clue, try taking the quiz “What’s My Jewelry Style” while answering the questions as if you were her.

Her lifestyle

A lot of the time, a woman’s day-to-day life can dictate how much jewelry she wears and when. Careers, kids and hobbies may play a part in her overall style and accessory choices.

* Do you have young kids? Sometimes grabby toddlers or constantly using and washing her hands — think diaper changes, cooking meals and snacks — will make elaborate rings or dangling necklaces and earrings impractical.
* Does she work outside the home? And what does she do? Careers where she wants to promote an aura of financial success, like real estate or outside sales positions, will call for more prominent diamond jewelry. If she’s a hands-on health professional — think doctor, dentist or nurse — she might prefer a necklace or earrings over a ring.
* Just like work, hobbies where she uses her hands a lot (sports and fitness) or gets them dirty (like gardening), will help steer your choices. …read more at

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