Dazzling at D’Orazio

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By Hannah Connorton |

D’Orazio, a Los Angeles-based public relations firm that represents multiple fine jewelry brands, held a press preview in Manhattan last week, showcasing the newest designs from brands including Antonini, Carrera y Carrera, Harry Kotlar and Lydia Courteille.
Below are seven standout pieces from the preview–that is, pieces that offered a truly unique design, from the colorful, bold Native American-themed jewels from Lydia Courteille’s new Rainbow Warrior collection to a setting specifically designed for a certain gemstone, as seen in Antonini’s emerald ring.
There’s also the sharp points of Leticia Linton’s jewelry, which add edge to her otherwise glamorous aesthetic, and the danger factor of Borgioni’s handcuff-themed pieces. …read more at blog.nationaljeweler.com

Lydia Courteille’s “Rainbow Warrior” ring in 18-karat gold with onyx and malachite

rainbow warrior earrings

Lydia Courteille’s “Rainbow Warrior” ear cuff in 18-karat gold with enamel 

rainbow warrior earring

Lydia Courteille’s “Rainbow Warrior” earrings in 18-karat gold with sapphires, turquoise, rubies, tsavorites and amethyst. …see more at blog.nationaljeweler.com

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