Celebrating a decade: rough diamonds shine in new De Beers Talisman jewellery

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By Maria Doulton |

One of its most recognisable collections, De Beers celebrates 10 years of the Talisman with striking new designs that present rough diamonds in their purest form.
Looking at the De Beers Talisman medallion, shimmering with both rough and polished diamonds in a variety of earthy and celestial hues, is a very different experience from gazing at the perfect symmetry of a dazzling white diamond solitaire or an evenly matched pair of ear studs.

In this latest collection of De Beers jewellery we are presented with rough diamonds in their purest, primal form, untouched by human hand. And this is just how man must first have seen them when he sought their protective and talismanic powers. Charged with a mystical aura, diamonds appeal to us instinctively; their enigmatic light shining out through their milky skins – a quality that is lost when the diamond is cut and polished. These irregular, unrefined diamonds draw us back to the very dawn of time as these precious stones are as old as the stars, born of the crucible of our young and barely-formed planet.

The Talisman jewellery collection was first introduced by diamond jewellery house De Beers a decade ago when it dared to combine the natural octahedron, or irregular nubby shapes of the rough, with perfectly cut and polished stones. First set into medallions, with their clear symbolism of power and ritual, the 10-year-old Talisman has become one of its most recognisable designs. …read more at thejewelleryeditor.com






…see more at thejewelleryeditor.com

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