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Anna Hu celebrates a new store in Taipei and international recognition at the Oscars

Harry Winston, Bulgari and Chopard are just some of the high jewellery houses you expect to see sparkling on the Academy Award’s red carpet, but it was a show-stopping pair of deep crimson rubellite Anna Hu earrings worn by Gwyneth Paltrow, with a pretty pink Ralph & Russo couture gown, which really caused a sensation at this year’s Oscars.

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Anna Hu is a friend of Paltrow’s but is, as yet, fairly unknown beyond the high jewellery circles of New York where she is based, and Taiwan where she grew up.
Gwyneth Paltrow at the 2012 Oscars

Gwyneth Paltrow at the 2012 Oscars wearing Anna Hu’s Hearst of Winter high jewellery cuff and Duchess of Hibiscus ring.

Anna Hu jewellery is not a red carpet regular. She only loans her precious stones either to be worn as Oscars jewellery or at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s annual fashion gala held in May. Paltrow frequently wears her coloured gemstones, and Hu’s chosen few also include Naomi Watts – who wore her sapphire Modern Art Deco and Wallis Simpson high jewellery bracelet to the Oscars – Scarlett Johannson and Hilary Swank. She likes to lend to actresses that, in her mind, reflect her brand’s essence, commenting: “Seeing them wear my jewels so elegantly is very rewarding.”
Anna Hu Scarlett Johansson Oscars 2011

Scarlett Johansson wore Anna Hu’s Dragon Flower ring, set with rubies, sapphires and diamonds, to the 2011 Oscars.

Oscars red carpet jewelry Anna Hu Naomi Watts

Actress Naomi Watts wore a one-of-a-kind Wallis Simpson Bracelet and Modern Art Deco sapphire earrings, both by Anna Hu, on the Oscars 2015 red carpet. … OSCARS 2015

The former cellist turned jeweller made her debut in 2007. Anna Hu is becoming more widely known in China where she has a boutique in Shanghai, but it was only late last year that she realised a long-held dream of opening a boutique in her homeland – a large, elegant space in the brand new Mandarin Oriental, Taipei. “I waited a long time for it to be built,” she admits, and “although New York is my home, my heritage inspires my work greatly, so it’s very special for me to have such a beautiful store in Taipei.” … read more at


Anna Hu’s enchanting pair of high jewellery earrings depicting dainty butterflies, which appear to be carrying two rubellites skywards.


Anna Hu Art Nouveau-style Celestial Lotus necklace set with natural Fancy Intense vivid yellow, grey and white diamonds, natural Burmese rubies, Colombian emeralds, demantoid garnets, tsavorites, and multi-coloured pink sapphires in titanium.


Gnossienne high jewellery necklace by Taiwanese-born cellist-turned-jewellery-designer Anna Hu, featuring an imperial crane holding a jade flute on a circle of keshi pearls, symbolising holy water falling from the clouds.


The Anna Hu Myth of Orchid high jewellery earrings worn by Hilary Swank to the 2011 Oscars in purple titanium, set with briolette, silver-grey and white diamonds.


Anna Hu’s bracelets, including this Summer Bamboo bangle, illustrate how the designer “paints” with her pavé settings.


One of Anna Hu’s latest creations, the emerald Turandot Lily necklace, pavé set with diamonds.


The Anna Hu Dragon Flower ring, set with two rubies of 6.71ct, pear-shape diamonds, white and yellow diamonds, and multi-coloured sapphires, worn by Scarlett Johansson to the 2011 Oscars.


Anna Hu Winter Plum ruby bangle, pavé set with diamonds.


The large, elegant Anna Hu boutique in the brand new Mandarin Oriental, Taipei. “I waited a long time for it to be built,” admits Hu. “Although New York is my home, my heritage inspires my work greatly, so it’s very special for me to have such a beautiful store in Taipei.” …see more at

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