African emeralds

Traditionally, the finest emeralds have been those that come from the mountainous region of Colombia where the deep valleys yield their green treasure. But today, it is not just the Colombian emeralds that are basking in the limelight. Increasingly, the most prestigious jewellery houses are turning to African emeralds to add that distinctive brilliant rush of green to their creations. With slightly different hues, African emeralds can have a more bluish-green colour compared to the grass green of Colombian emeralds.

Because of their intense green colour, Colombian emeralds have always been highly prized and, in particular, those from the legendary Muzo mine that dates back to the 16th century. Unlike other precious stones, gemmologists can often pinpoint an emerald to a specific mine according to the crystal structure, with its inclusions, known as “gardens”, making it easier to determine an African from a Colombian emerald. …read all at

African Emeralds_Coloured Gemstones_Gemfields_Shaun Leane_002

Shaun Leane white diamond and marquise-cut emerald earrings, from the Aerial collection.

African Emeralds_Coloured Gemstones_Louis Vuitton_001

Louis Vuitton’s African emerald ring in white gold with onyx and diamonds, from the Chain Attraction collection.

African Emeralds_Coloured Gemstones_Gemfields_Theo Fenell_002

Theo Fennell’s Kissing Frogs emerald ring in yellow gold, topped with a 42.66ct emerald from Gemfields’ mine in Zambia.


Theo Fennell’s Kissing Frogs African emerald ring opens to reveal a pair of gold frogs.

African Emeralds_Coloured Gemstones_Louis Vuitton_003

This Louis Vuitton emerald ring with onyx and diamonds gives the impressive African emerald centre stage. …see all at

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